Glitter Eeyore Wall

Hi again!

I wanted something glittery and colorful, so I made me this wall 😀

Hope you guys like it! :- D

Eeyore Glitter


What´s up with ChikiBujia?

Hi guys!!!!

In the last few weeks I have discovered quite a few people from Malaysia and Indonesia selling all of my free themes. 

As you can imagine, this has been incredibly upsetting and discouraging. I was giving my work out for free because I have experienced how a dollar can be a lot of money at times, and how a theme or font can brighten up your day, but the abuse from these people has made me realized how worthless it is to spend so much time making these themes and sharing them for free.

Everything I make is for me, to my taste, and I decided to share it with you all. I do not make custom apps because I do not have the time for it. 

I will no longer be sharing my themes for free. I am not willing to put up with the abuse from the Asian shops any longer.

I won´t be porting fonts for free either. If you want a font, you will need to pay $1.50 per font to my Paypal account at the moment of the request. Because of this, I will no longer be posting fonts on my blog. 

Thank you to all my loyal and honest followers!!! I have gotten to know a few of you, and I will always be here to help you out 😀