Glitter Eeyore Wall

Hi again!

I wanted something glittery and colorful, so I made me this wall 😀

Hope you guys like it! :- D

Eeyore Glitter


iPhone Walls

Hi guys!

It’s been a while!

After 7 years of using an Android phone, I just made the switch back to iPhone!

To be honest, I thought the change was going to be harder that it actually has been. I do miss a lot all the customization options android offers, but the stability of the iPhone is unmatched! Surprisingly enough, I am loving being team iPhone!

I have been looking for wallpapers all around to make my new phone pretty, and some of you asked me to share my findings, so here they are!

I only made the first one that says “Dream Big!”, all the others have been online finds.


Dream BigCute Catdark pastel sunsetHopeLiquidPastel BalloonPastel OceanPastel starsPastel SunsetPurple LeavesThink Happy