Mommy Lhey’s Brite and Lite SSB

As you can tell by now, I am completely head over heels in love with Mommy Lhey’s Brite and Lite theme.

I rooted my phone last week, and flashed three different custom roms in order to be able to fully theme my phone the way Mommy Lhey did the iPhone. Unfortunately, there are no stable roms for the Note, and in turn I had a constant reboot situation going on 😦 I am back on stock, still rooted though 😛 and I decided to give SSB another chance in order to add more Brite and Lite goodness to my phone 😀

Granted, SSB is still very very Beta, and it does not work too well with my phone. I do not have freezes or reboots though 😀 The main problems I am having are that I can’t change the panel and the notifications backgrounds, I can’t use widgets, and I can’t change the carrier. My signal bars are still not showing the correct strength either, but I decided that the look of this SSB I made was worth dealing with the other problems 😛

I made a special version for myself with my name as the carrier, but changed it to the word “Love” for the free public release 😀

I am quite busy at the moment with work, but if you want a personalized carrier and want to try to change it in the SSB app, I will be charging $1.50 for them. You can send me a Kik (Chikibujia), or and email ( 

If you can’t change the carrier, and you want me to create a version of this theme with the customized carrier in it, I will be charging $2.50.

You will need to give me 24 hours to complete the confirmed order, and payment must be submitted before I send you your carrier/apk. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCT!!!

You can download the free SSB theme from:



Google Drive

You can download the font I am using here and using a file explorer/manager, place it in the /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.firezenk.ssb/fonts folder. Then either restart your phone or use an app to rescan your sdcard. Go to the SSB app and select it in each text category. The name of the font is frscript20plus:



Google Drive

And just in case you can change the notifications background, here is the one I made in 2 sizes, one for smaller/regular phones, and one for phablets (aka the Note), along with the carrier 😀








10 thoughts on “Mommy Lhey’s Brite and Lite SSB

  1. I purchased lite and brite from mommy lhey, love it! Just wished there was a matching go sms theme for it. Sux cuz iPhone gets the whole shabang lol dial pad, keyboard, etc. n we only get go launcher lol or atleast the images to create our own, that would be great 🙂 love your ssb themes, sux the app is so unstable smh

  2. I love this theme! I purchased n downloaded it as well from mommy lhey. I just wish that there was a go sms theme to match smh it’s a gorgeous theme. How were u able to edit the background image of the app drawer with the 3 patches? (Light green with stripes, purple with polka dot, yellow with polka dot) I would like to see if I can possibly make my own go sms theme using that bg if possible to make my phone match, sux, iPhone gets a whole package and we just get the launcher lol

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