Animal Life Wallies

Hi Guys!!!

I don’t know if you all follow Mommy Lhey and Lucy, but a couple of days ago they posted some AMAZING wallpapers on their blogs. Of course, I am already rocking them all on my phone 😀

That being said, I decided to be a sheep and follow the  animal print/initials trend, and made a couple of wallpapers to match these lovely ladies’ wallpapers 😀

I am still using the Go Multiple wallpaper app, so I need a lot of wallpapers 😛

Remember my style is a bit crazy and incredibly colorful, but I hope you like them 😀

I only made one size because I realized this size looks better on my Galaxy Note, and it also looked great on my Skyrocket (S2), but if you need a different size let me know and I’ll make it for you 😀

Enjoy!!! 😀

Zipper Pink Wild


Diamond Leopard



Lovely Animal




Wild Pink Love


Wild Pink Plain




Wild Pink A



Wild Pink B



Wild Pink C



Wild Pink D



Wild Pink E



Wild Pink F



Wild Pink G



Wild Pink H



Wild Pink I



Wild Pink J



Wild Pink K



Wild Pink L



Wild Pink M



Wild Pink N



Wild Pink O



Wild Pink P



Wild Pink Q



Wild Pink R



Wild Pink S



Wild Pink T



Wild Pink U



Wild Pink V



Wild Pink W



Wild Pink X



Wild Pink Y



Wild Pink Z



4 thoughts on “Animal Life Wallies

  1. Your are the shit….I stalked your blog daily and hoped you would create again soon….hope everything is well with you and yours… thanks for the awesoneeeeeee walls

  2. I do the same thing Lyndamarlena! Lol Beautiful walls. I have a Note 2 as well so everything u create is like having them custom made for me:) I am sending u a donation. U know I am still waiting excitedly for that theme u have been working on!!!

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