Cute FlipFonts

Hello everyone!!

I have three cute flipfonts for you today πŸ˜€

Thanks to Katiria for sending me the Love Georgia Belle font πŸ˜€



The Georgia Belle font was created by the amazing and very talented Vanessa Bays. You can find her font collection on Dafont or her website. Β She has a huge collection of free fonts, including Georgia Belle, and all of them are GORGEOUS!!! The goal is to eventually have them all ported to android πŸ˜›

Β changed the letter O for a heart, making it Love Georgia Belle.

This font was a request, and was obtained by the requester for free, which is why I am sharing it with you all.

As a reminder, I NEVER share paid fonts for obvious reasons πŸ˜‰ but as I promised you when my font adventure started, all the free font requests I receive, will be shared here so everyone can enjoy them πŸ˜€

Love Georgia Belle

Download from:



Google Drive


Same as the previous font, but I made it bold for my requester πŸ˜€

Love Georgia Belle Bold

Download from:



Google Drive


beautiful ruins

Download from:



Google Drive


8 thoughts on “Cute FlipFonts

  1. Are these fonts able to be used on S4 Galaxy? The Korean and Fireworks font said nit available when I trued to appky it to my Galaxy S4.

    • Like i said, the flipfonts are not working on the S4 for some reason, and I can’t do anything about it. I believe the paid fonts from the store work.

  2. Can i request some font? πŸ™‚ puppy bellies, im invisible, life’s a beach, KG Ray Of Sunshin, can?

  3. Love the fonts! gracias a ti y a katiria! Ojala pudieras convertir el font “wish was taller” πŸ˜‰

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