Diamond Time UCCW

I made another set of image numbers to be used with any UCCW time skin.

I am using BRK’s clock to show you how it looks, and to provide the actual file.

Download the skin, import it in UCCW, then go to the UltimateCustomeClockWidget folder in your SD card. Look for the BRKsClockDateDiamond folder and open it. Grab the “Diamond” folder and move it to the image-fonts folder that is inside the same UltimateCustomeClockWidget folder. Now you can use the images with any time widget 😀

Download from:



Google Drive

Diamond Time UCCW



Animal Life Docks and Folders

I modified the Sparkling Kitty dock to match the animal prints wallpapers, and I made new folders as well 😀

Hope you guys like them!!! 😀

blue crown folder colors ice cream folder elephant folder

kitty red folder pink leopard folder purple glitter folder




Kitty Colors Dock



Animal Life Wallies

Hi Guys!!!

I don’t know if you all follow Mommy Lhey and Lucy, but a couple of days ago they posted some AMAZING wallpapers on their blogs. Of course, I am already rocking them all on my phone 😀

That being said, I decided to be a sheep and follow the  animal print/initials trend, and made a couple of wallpapers to match these lovely ladies’ wallpapers 😀

I am still using the Go Multiple wallpaper app, so I need a lot of wallpapers 😛

Remember my style is a bit crazy and incredibly colorful, but I hope you like them 😀

I only made one size because I realized this size looks better on my Galaxy Note, and it also looked great on my Skyrocket (S2), but if you need a different size let me know and I’ll make it for you 😀

Enjoy!!! 😀

Zipper Pink Wild


Diamond Leopard



Lovely Animal




Wild Pink Love


Wild Pink Plain




Wild Pink A



Wild Pink B



Wild Pink C



Wild Pink D



Wild Pink E



Wild Pink F



Wild Pink G



Wild Pink H



Wild Pink I



Wild Pink J



Wild Pink K



Wild Pink L



Wild Pink M



Wild Pink N



Wild Pink O



Wild Pink P



Wild Pink Q



Wild Pink R



Wild Pink S



Wild Pink T



Wild Pink U



Wild Pink V



Wild Pink W



Wild Pink X



Wild Pink Y



Wild Pink Z


HOW TO: FlipFonts for Android

Hi guys!!!

We are all crazy about the flipfonts, and since I won’t be able to get to all of your requests, I decided to make a tutorial on how to create an apk of your favorite font.

I downloaded a video app for the computer because I think it is easier to understand it all when you see someone doing it 😀 It is the first time I use one of these video apps, and I don’t have a video editing program in this computer, so I am sorry for the low quality of my tutorial videos 😦 You will also find lots of videos because they needed to be short in order to work :-/

Anything you see in Hot Pink is a link, so click on it to go to the place where you can download each item needed 😀

PaulDiddy, from XDA, made and AMAZING tutorial, which is the one I follow 😀

Here is the link to his thread, and the tutorial is on post #2. You will also find LOTS of flipfonts there!!! 😀


1. The Monoglyceride font and apk file from Here

2. Notepad++

3. High Logic Font Creator (download the free version, BUT unfortunately, you need to pay to use all the features we need) or FontForge (this is completely free, and it has great reviews. I just haven’t used it yet :-/)

4. APK Multi Tool

5. The latest version of Java

6. 7Zip (or your favorite unarchiving program. I prefer 7zip because you can open absolutely everything with it, including apks).

7. The font you want to use in your phone, in a ttf format.


1. Install Notepad++, High Logic Font Creator or FontForge, Java, and 7Zip.

You need to click on each program after downloading it in order to install it. This step will not appear in the video below because I already have these programs installed in my computer.

I suggest that you put the APK Multi-Tool file, the Monoglyceride file, and the font you downloaded on your desktop.

2. Open 7Zip, look for your desktop, and look for the APK Multi-Tool file. Click on it, and extract the folder inside it.

3. While still on 7Zip, look for the font file you downloaded. Click on it, and extract the ttf file inside it.

4. Still on 7Zip, look for the Monoglyceride file you downloaded from XDA, and extract the 2 files inside it.

Once you have extracted everything, you can delete the three original compressed files you downloaded, and just keep the extracted files 😀 (I do this to avoid clutter :-P).


1. Open High Logic Font Creator or FontForge

2. Open the Monoglyceride ttf font file

3. Open your ttf font file

4. On the bottom right corner you will see the number of characters that the font you chose has. Make a note of that.

5. Go back to the monoglyceride font and select all the characters. Delete them.

6. Go to the insert menu and select glyphs.

7. Type the number of characters that your font has (the number you took a note of earlier). Click ok.

8. Go to your font and select all the characters. Copy them.

9. Go back to the Monoglyceride font and in the Edit menu select Paste Special. Make sure all the options are selected and the Add Mappings at the bottom is selected as well.

10. You can now close your font.

11. Save the modified Monoglyceride font with the name of your font. I added a number at the end of the name because I saved it in the same place I had the original font, the desktop. Once I delete the original font, I will remove the number at the end of the name.


1. Open the APK Multi-Tool folder you extracted earlier

2. Click on the Setup file

3. We need to run option 3 to set up the directories, so type the number 3 and click enter

4. Once it has created the directories, it will prompt you to click enter again. When you are back to the menu, close the window.

You can now see all the new directories in your APK Multi-Tool folder.

5. Open the “place-apk-here-for-modding” folder and place inside it the “com.monotype.android.font.monoglyceride.apk” that we extracted earlier from the monoglyceride file we downloaded from XDA

6. Go back to the directories inside your APK Multi-Tool folder and click on the Script file

7. Type option 24 to select your project and click enter. Then type the number of the monoglyceride apk. If you don’t have any other apks, then the number of the monoglyceride apk will be 1. Click enter

8. Type option 9 to decompile the monoglyceride apk. Click enter. When it is done decompiling, close the script window

9. Open the Projects folder, and you will find the decompiled folder of the monoglyceride apk.


1. Open the decompiled monoglyceride folder, which is inside the projects folder in the APK Multi-Tool folder

2. Open the assets folder, and then the fonts folder

3. Delete the monoglyceride ttf file inside, and insert your font’s ttf file, the one we modified in High Logic Font Creator or FontForge. Copy the name of your font because you will need it later on

4. Go back and open the XML folder. Change the name of the file inside it from Monoglyceride to the name of your font


5. Right click on the file you just renamed, and select to open it with Notepad++

6. Change all the “Monoglyceride” words to the name of your font. Save it when you are done and close it

7. Go back to the list of items and folders in the decompiled monoglyceride apk.

8. Open the res folder

9. Open the values folder. Right click on the strings file and select to open it with Notepad++

10. Change all the “monoglyceride” to the name of your font. Save and close it

11. Go back and open the drawable folder. This step is not mandatory, but if you want to change the font’s icons, you can do so here. Choose the image you want to use, name it “icon”, and replace the one inside the drawable folder. Make sure your image is around the same size as the original one

12. Go back to the list of items and folders in the decompiled monoglyceride apk.

13. Open the Smali folder and keep on opening the folders until you reach one called “Monoglyceride”. Change the name of that folder to the name of your font

14. Open the folder you just renamed, and then right click on each file inside it and open them with NotePad++. Change all the “monoglyceride” inside them to the name of your font

15. When you are done, go back to the list of items and folders in the decompiled monoglyceride apk.

16. Right click on the Android Manifest and open it with Notepad++

17. Change all the “monoglyceride” for your font’s name. Save and close

18. Right click on the apktool.yml file and open it with Notepad++

19. Change all the “monoglyceride” for your font’s name. Save and close

20. Go back to the APK Multi-Tool directories list

21. Open the Script file

22. Type option 24 to select your project

23. Type your project’s number (in this case #1)

24. Type option 12 to compile the apk

25. Type option 2 to create an unsigned apk

26. Type option 13 to sign the apk

27. Close the script window when it is done signing

28. Open the “place-apk-here-for-modding” folder and you will find the signed apk file. The name will start with the word “signed” 😉 Pull it to your desktop. You can now close the APK Multi-Tool folder.

29. The name of your apk will look like this: signedcom.monotype.android.font.monoglyceride.apk. Delete the “signed” at the beginning, and change the “monoglyceride” to the name of your font. 

YOU ARE DONE!!! 😀 Now you can email yourself the font you just created and install it in your phone 😀

Cute FlipFonts

Hello everyone!!

I have three cute flipfonts for you today 😀

Thanks to Katiria for sending me the Love Georgia Belle font 😀



The Georgia Belle font was created by the amazing and very talented Vanessa Bays. You can find her font collection on Dafont or her website.  She has a huge collection of free fonts, including Georgia Belle, and all of them are GORGEOUS!!! The goal is to eventually have them all ported to android 😛

 changed the letter O for a heart, making it Love Georgia Belle.

This font was a request, and was obtained by the requester for free, which is why I am sharing it with you all.

As a reminder, I NEVER share paid fonts for obvious reasons 😉 but as I promised you when my font adventure started, all the free font requests I receive, will be shared here so everyone can enjoy them 😀

Love Georgia Belle

Download from:



Google Drive


Same as the previous font, but I made it bold for my requester 😀

Love Georgia Belle Bold

Download from:



Google Drive


beautiful ruins

Download from:



Google Drive