I Love Paris Wallies

I needed new wallies in my phone, so I made a few to use with the GoMultipleWallpaper app 😛

I know the style is pretty much the same, but what can I say, I love that  style 😛

There are 7 wallpapers in the usual 3 sizes 😀

Hope you like them!!!!


love Paris gallery




480 x 800

love Paris 480x800

love paris cupcake 480x800

Love Paris Dog 480x800

Love paris Doves 480x800

Love paris Doves Green 480x800

love paris red 480x800

Paris Zipper 480x800

480 x 900

love Paris 480x900

love paris cupcake 480x900

Love Paris Dog 480x900

Love paris Doves 480x900

Love paris Doves Green 480x900

love paris red 480x900

Paris Zipper 480x900

1280 x 1440

Love Paris 1280x1440

Love Paris Cupcakes 1280x1440

Love paris Dog 1280x1440

Love Paris Doves 1280x1440

Love Paris Doves Green 1280x1440

Love Paris Red 1280x1440

Paris Zipper 1280x1440



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