Thank you and iPhone message

Hi guys!!!

First of all, I want to thank you all so much for your very kind messages!!!! It is such a joy to create and port stuff for you all!!!

Now, a quick reminder that all the themes I make and the fonts I am porting  are for Android only; they will not work on the iPhone.

I do not own an iPhone, therefore I do not make stuff for it. I made a few wallpapers for my family (which I posted last week), and might make a couple more for you iPhone users, but that is as far as my theming knowledge of it goes.  

I do know of a few amazing iPhone blogs that I highly suggest you iFans follow:

And if you search online, you will find OH SO MANY more 😀

That being said, while I definitely don’t even want to take a peak into the very complicated world of iPhone theming, if you are interested in me porting some of my easier items, like weather for the PerPageHtml and stuff like that, I will gladly do it 😀

If I post anything for the iPhone, I will indicate so in the title (like I did with the wallpapers I posted).

I do appreciate you all stopping by, even though you do not own an android phone 😀

Thanks again for your support!!!!!!!!! 😀

P.S. Android users, I can port iPhone fonts to our devices 😉


One thought on “Thank you and iPhone message

  1. I saw your list for iphone users and was wondering if you have one for android users… Or should I just check out the blogs you follow? I’m always trying to find other sites like yours to follow and its been a difficult thing to search for. There are so many sites out there that it’s hard to narrow the search parameters. I’d love any suggestions. Thanks. And I love your site 🙂

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