Hello Kitty Wallpapers

Pinkieayumi from Instagram requested some Hello Kitty wallpapers, and here they are! πŸ˜€

I’ve been a huge fan of the cute kitty since I was a little girl, so this project was definitely one of my favorites πŸ˜€

There are 7 different wallpapers in the 3 usual sizes:

480 x 800 for devices like the Samsung galaxy S II and older

480 x 900 for devices like the Samsung Galaxy S III

1280 x 1440 for devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note


480 x 800

Kitty Ballerina 480x800

Kitty Cupcake 480x800

Kitty Garden 480x800

Kitty Mac 480x800

Kitty Ribbon 480x800

Kitty Sparks 480x800

Strawberry Kitty 480x800



480 x 900

Kitty Ballerina 480x900

Kitty Cupcake 480x900

Kitty Garden 480x900

Kitty Mac 480x900

Kitty Ribbon 480x900

Kitty Sparks 480x900

Strawberry Kitty 480x900



1280 x 1440

Kitty Ballerina 1280x1440

Kitty Cupcake 1280x1440

Kitty Garden 1280x1440

Kitty Mac 1280x1440

Kitty Ribbon 1280x1440

Kitty Sparks 1280x1440

strawberry kitty 1280x1440


9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Wallpapers

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  2. thankyou for your beautiful HK wallpapers! even though on a blackberry, i am a big fan of your work, it really stands out from the croud, you definitley have that signature style!! i just resize,cut, crop to fit my 640 by 480 screen, but always credit you.. hope you don’t mind.. and keep up your talanted masterpieces!

    @ria__x (twitter/crackberry) xo

  3. Hi love your work! I noticed in one your hello kitty wallpapers the numbers 11:11 all throughout. That caught my eye because since I was a little girl I have for some reason drawn to look at a clock at that time atleast over 100 times. Just thought it was another sign. Thank you for making such cute stuff!

    • Select hotspots first. Then you will see in the bottom a number and next to it the hotspot assigned. Click on the button that says Hotspot, next to the number button, and you will be able to choose the app or action you want πŸ˜€

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