UCCW Clock Images

As you can tell by the UCCW skins I previously posted, I am not using a regular font for the clocks.

I made 3 image sets for clocks.

In order to use them on your own skins, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Download the zip file

2. Extract the contents

3. Place the 3 folders (Owlie, Cotton Candy, and Sparkling) in the image_fonts folder inside the ultimatecustomclockwidget folder in your sdcard:


4. Open the clock skin of your choice on uccw, or create a new skin

5. Make sure your clock is composed of hour and minute objects, as opposed to the time object

6. Select the hour object 

7. Scroll the bottom menu (under the workspace) until you reach the Controls #7

8. Click on the format botton

9. Select image

10. Click on the image botton 

11. Select the image set you want to use form the pop-up menu (Owlie, Cotton Candy, or Sparkling)

12. Do the same for the minutes object.

13. Unfortunately, the hour/minute separator does not have the image option, so you will have to add an image object to the skin and use that as the hour/minute separator.

14. After adding the image object, select it, and scroll the bottom menu to Controls #2

15. Click on the image botton, and choose your file explorer from the pop-up menu

16. Locate the ultimatecustomclockwidget folder in your sdcard, and then the image_font folder inside it. Open the images folder of your choice (owlie, cotton candy, or sparkling), and select the divider in the pack as your image.

You are done! 😀




Google Drive


uccw clock images


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