Owlie docks

I guess it is time to move on from the Christmas and winter theming stuff 😦 Which is why I needed to make a new dock 😀

I present to you the Owlie Dock, in a couple of different flavors 😀

If you want to use one that already has text, replace your dock icons’ images with this transparent one (there is an icon there, I promise! Click on the middle of the screen below, and download that image :-D) :

transparent icon



owlie dock

owlie dock blue dotts

owlie dock brown

owlie dock brown jewels

Owlie Dock cotton candy

owlie dock cream waves

owlie dock sparkling waves

owlie dock sparks

owlie waves dock pink

waves dotts purple

Waves dotts soft pink


owlie dock blue plain

owlie dock cotton candy plain

owlie dock cream plain

owlie dock pink plain

owlie dock plain

owlie dock plain brown

owlie dock plain purple

owlie dock soft pink plain

owlie dock sparkling plain

owlie dock sparks brown plain

owlie dock sparks plain


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