UCCW Owlie Weather

Hello guys!!!

Here is Owlie Weather for UCCW 😀

I am working on a couple of widgets that will come later 😀

Just extract the contents of the zip, and place the Owlie Weather folder in sdcard/ultimatecustomclockwidget/weather 


Download from:



Google Drive

Owlie Weather uccw


8 thoughts on “UCCW Owlie Weather

  1. I love these. I’ve never used UCCW weather…just clocks….is this similar to the beweather Widgets with just the forecast

    • With these, you would need to create a widget and add the weather. You can set it up to display just today’s weather, add forecast, and a lot of options. It is really nice. I am working on a skin that will have the weather, that way you would just import my skin and use it 😀

      • Before I came across you and Barbie my phone was boring now my phone is so pretty…thank you… I can’t wait for more lol… I got a mediafire account but it seems like everytime I try to download things its always says unsuccessful or trying to repair do you have problems like that

      • 😀
        That has happened to me on my phone. What I do is, I have an app that came with my phone called downloads, which is a download manager, so i open it and it gives me 2 options, internet downloads and other downloads. The stuff i download from my email appears in Internet Downloads, the stuff I download from my browser appears in Other downloads. Look for the file you tried to download, which should be at the top, click it and select retry. Sometimes i have to “retry” several times for it to download, and sometimes switching between your signal and wifi helps.
        You might have an app like that too.
        The the other solution would be to download it on your computer and then transfer it to your phone.

      • Okay I am a little confused. I have this in the weather folder in UCCW. Want to go to add a widget for uccw all I see are the clock or time skins I don’t see anything about weather for maybe a month because I’ve never used the weather in UCCW

      • You would need to add a uccw widget to your screen and then select create new. Then, on top of your workspace you will select the weather icon with the +/- button . Then hit the objects button and select the weather icon you just added. Scroll the bottom menu to the right until you find an image or weather images menu, and the Owlie Weather will appear there.

      • UCCW can be confusing. I actually installed it a while ago, and uninstalled it right away lol, but after playing with it for a while, you will learn how to use it, modify skins, make your own, and you will love it 😀 Look for how to videos online, that always helps a lot because you can see what they are doing 😀

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