How To: GoMultipleWallpaper

Go Launcher has a new multiple wallpaper app that I have been using.

The verdict: I love it!!!!!!!!!

You can only have up to 5 different wallpapers, but since I only have 5 homescreens, it works perfect for me!!!!

Make sure you have the latest version of Go Launcher before trying it out!

You have to download the GoMultipleWallpaper app from the Play Store.

Hit your phone’s menu key and select wallpaper.

Make sure your wallpaper is set to scrolling mode.

Select GoMultipleWallpaper.

If you already have 5 wallpapers selected, delete them by pressing the red circle with the – sign.

Hit the + button to add wallpapers from your gallery, file manager, dropbox, etc.

Once you have all 5 wallappers, you can move their position by long-pressing on them and moving them around.

Hit apply and you are done!!!

I tried to use other multiple wallpaper apps, but this one is incredibly practical and simple 😀

It runs as a live wallpaper, but it does not eat up much of your RAM memory 😉

Give it a try and let me know what you think!!!! 😀





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