Owl wallies

Happy Tuesday guys!!!

I have been working on 2 new themes, Dark matter and Flower Drops, BUT I keep getting distracted with other stuff 😛 Hopefully, they will be done in a couple of weeks 😀

I have been learning new photoshop tricks, and I finally understood how to use the pen tool 😛 It is os easy!!! and it helps you create some unique stuff 😀

I made some colorful wallpapers to go with the flower drops theme, and i also made some for my personal use. Since I am taking longer than usual on these themes, I decided to go ahead and share some of the wallies with you 😀

I also made a desktop wallie, which is posted below.

The poodle on my desktop screen and on my lockscreen is my baby 😀 I just added his picture behind the zipper so it would appear as if he is peeking out 😀

Check out my DeviantArt page for credits to some of the stuff I used, and make sure you browse through my favorites!!  You will find all the resources there 😀

Hope you like them!!!! 😀

My screens

DevicesGallery owls Milo Wallie Mac


Zipper Desktop

480 x 800

Zipper peeper           zipper moustache

pink stripie owl           owl lock2

owl glasses           owl girl

owl drawer

480 x 900

owl drawer 480x900           owl girl480x900

owl glasses480x900           owl lock480x900

pink stripie owl480x900           zipper moustache 480x900

Zipper peeper  480x900

1280 x 1440

owl drawer 1280x1440      Owl girls 1280x1440

Owl glasses 1280x1440      owl lock 1280x1440

pink stripie owl 1280x1440      zipper moustache 1280x1440

zipper peeper 1280x1440


4 thoughts on “Owl wallies

  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGg I am in love with all of these…we def have similar taste. Thank you so much for sharing. Cant wait to get my phone to look as great as yours. Still trying to get the hang of uccw and ssb. So glad you make things for android.

  2. I love what you make…soooo talented 🙂 cant wait for the themes….do you take requests because I would definitely pay for your work

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