How To: Change app Icons

Almost all launcher have the option of changing the app icon to another image.

If you are using a launcher that does not support this option, you can use the app called “Desktop Visualizer” to use different images for your apps on your Homescreens.

In GoLauncher:

1. Lon press the app on your homescreen that you want to modify

2. Select replace

3. A new window will pop-up with the icons from the current theme you are using. You can choose one of this or select the menu on the top left to choose a different set of icons from another installed theme.

4. Select the new icon image and that is it!


You can also select an image from your gallery.

1. Click on the gallery botton on the top right

2. Scroll to the folder where your image is, and select the image

3. A crop option window will pop-up. I have noticed that the icons looks a lot better when I select the No Crop option.

Done! 😀



7 thoughts on “How To: Change app Icons

  1. Hi there. I was wondering what the theme is or even just the icon set that’s pictured in the first set of pics… Where you are showing how to choose different icons, the top right pic. Those are awesome. Where can I get them?? 🙂 Thanks

  2. how do get the icons that Ive downloaded to show up in the drop down?? I can access all the ones from other themes…but thats it?!? Help please :)!! I see “folder icon” on yours???

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