Blue Pearl Wallpapers

Here are the wallpapers included in the GoLauncher theme, and a couple extra ones I made 😀

Regular Definition 







drawer BG 480








drawer BG big

480 x 800

BluePearl480x800            DarkBluePearl480x800          DottedHeartLines480x800

DualSpikieBlue480x800         SpikieBlue480x800

480 x 900

BluePearl480x900          DarkBluePearl480x900           DottedHeartLines480x900

DualSpikieBlue480x900           SpikieBlue480x900

1280 x 1440

BluePearl1280x1440             DarkBluePearl1280x1440

DottedHeartLines1280x1440             DualSpikieBlue1280x1440



5 thoughts on “Blue Pearl Wallpapers

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    • Thanks!! 😀
      Problem downloading from my links or applying them to your phone? I couldn’t find a nice free screen video recorder, but I’ll do a couple of tutorials tonight. What problems do you have with the icons? Could you send me some screen pictures of them?

  2. no not your links, just a problem in general with UCCW and getting things where they should be to be able to use it and also I downloaded a lot of icons from barbies site and I tried following instructions on her page but just cant get it. I mean I am not dumb but lol I feel like it. should I try do the icons on my pc? I already have the zip files on my phone but trying to get things to work i am getting frustrated…I am going to need to get triple memory with all this wonderful stuff….I currently have Droid x2 but upgrading the end of Jan to the Galaxy Note 2 and I cannot wait….not sure how to do screenshots from my phone. 😦

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