Blue Pearl Theme

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

I have been working on a simple elegant theme for the past few weeks. Who knew that simple would take so long!!!!

I am not gonna lie to you though, it is a lot simpler and more elegant than my usual stuff, but you will definitely be able to see my signature in it πŸ˜›

There is a Go Launcher theme, Super Status Bar, 5 Widgetlockers, icons, wallpapers, BeWeather, and UCCW.

GoSMS and I are currently on a fight to see who will kill the other first, so that theme will/might/maybe? come later πŸ˜€

As always, you can click on the category of your interest above, select it from the menu on the right, or scroll through my blog and check them all out πŸ˜€

I hope you like Blue Pearl!!! πŸ˜€

P.S. Check out my new device screenies!!! wish I could’ve found a skyrocket template though 😦



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