Blue Pearl Super Status Bar

A while ago, my brother challenged me to create a simple elegant theme for SSB. Apparently, I tend to use a lot of colors and overcrowd my themes … LIES!!! 😛

Well, challenge accepted!! 😀

When I showed him Blue Pearl, he was quite impressed and actually loved the themed 😀 

In spite of the lack of colors and cute icons, I love this theme as well!!! 

I found the inspiration and some of the icons from the iphone devs at DeviantArt. Go check them out!!! 😀

Below you will also find a semi-transparent background for the new SSB feature, an extra carrier, the pop-up notifications background, and the stock white background in case you wanna use it with other themes 😛

I hope you enjoy it as well!!!!

Download from:



Google Drive


framed_Screenshot_2013-01-06-08-23-58 framed_Screenshot_2013-01-06-08-23-45 framed_Screenshot_2013-01-06-08-23-40

Semi-transparent bar background

BluePearlTransBGTheme’s background



theme_carrier                crown carrier

Pop-up notifications background

Blue Pearl Notif BG


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