Subdued Wallpapers

Here is my take on “subdued” wallies 😛

480 x800

Bow480x800           GreenTree480x800

Reindeer480x800           RudolphBlueWallie480x800

480 x 900

Bow480x900           GreenTree480x900

RudolphBlueWallie480x900           Reindeer480x900

1280 x 1440

Bow1280x1440           GreenTree1280x1440

Reindeer1280x1440           RudolphBlueWallie1280x1440


10 thoughts on “Subdued Wallpapers

  1. I am trying to customize my android phone currently 4.3 screen but I will be getting the Galaxy Note 2 in a few weeks but I have noticed when i download wall papers the size like yours above it doesnt look like that when I apply it, now if it is a theme that I am applying of course it looks accurate but just to change the WP and say icons separately, it doesnt look good 😦 what am I doing wrong

    • Hi!
      You might have your wallpaper settings on scrollable mode. If you are using Go launcher, click menu, wallpapers, and in mode select vertical. Almost all launchers will have this option. The scrollable option will make them look like they are zoomed in.
      For the icons, when you select the icon you want to use it will give you the option of cropping it, select don’t crop.
      I hope this helps!!!!
      Oh, and the bigger wallpaper size, 1280×1440, is meant for the Note 😀

      P. S. Make sure you are using the 480×800 or 480×900 wallpapers for your current phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket and I use the 480×800 😀

      • AWESOME thank you so much for your help…I currently have the droid x2 but will FINALLY be upgrading soon. If I could make my phone look half as good as your screenshots I would be so excited lol. Hope you do not mind questions 🙂
        I came across Barbies blog from something she had on google play and I emailed her about the BeWeather and now am looking for other blogs as well. I like google play but there are some really talented people out there that do not post on google play

      • I love barbie’s themes too!! Check out the list of blogs I follow, there are a lot of amazing themes there. My faves are Barbie, Julie from lovemyevo, Steph from iphantomthemes, Lucy from droidsr4girls, glamour themes, and mamma lhey 😀

        I don’t mind the questions at all 😀 I’ll be happy to help in any way I can 😀

  2. A lot of what I am finding are ones for iphones not as many for android…and I am still trying to work on this beweather, what i may do is delete anything that I downloaded and try again. So when I downloaded BW and I go to a site (not google play) to download, with BW app already being on my phone when I download things is there anything special I need to do. You said you have instructions for UCCW also, where on your blog is that? cant seem to find it but I just may be overlooking 🙂

    • Once you download the beweather theme from a website, using a file explorer app move the theme (ie StarryLove.bwi) to the beweather folder in your sdcard (sdcard/beweather). That’s it 😉
      Look to the right side of my blog on a computer, in the categories pull down menu select UCCW. The instructions will be in that section. You’ll probably have to scroll down all the way to the bottom.
      I also left instructions on my reply for your starry love UCCW comment 🙂

      • ok i download file explorer, i went to the download folder on my sd card and long pressed on the files with the bwi extension and moved to the beweather folder and then went into the application and TA DAAAA
        now i have to figure out the uccw 🙂
        thank you for your help.
        would you prefer me to email versus posting everything on here?

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