Starry Love UCCW

There are 4 UCCW skins in the zip, the weather icons, the font, and a few images in case you want to make changes to the skins, or make your own skin 😀

Download from:



Google Drive

2012-12-23_21_34_13                 Screenshot_2012-12-24-02-21-54


5 thoughts on “Starry Love UCCW

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  2. I am sooo in love with this, especially the first screenshot. I want my phone like this lol. I can customize but really most has been with premade themes, I cannot make things like you…I do have BeWeather but for some reason icons that I have downloaded on my phone (like from Barbies site) do not show up in the list so I cannot change them 😦 also i recently downloaded UCCW cannot personalize it like your screen shots. Do you have instructions on your site?

    • I’m really glad you like it! His is my favorite theme 😛
      For beweather, move the .Bwi file to your sdcard/beweather folder. They should appear on your list once they are in that folder.
      I posted instructions for UCCW a while ago. The should be in the UCCW section from the menu on the right.
      What you need to do is first extract the contents of the zip file you downloaded from here. You will find .Uzip files, icons, fonts, and weather. Open UCCW, click your menu key and select import skins. Go to the folder where you extracted the zip and select the .Uzip files. Everything should appear from those files (images, weather, font), but if anything is missing, move the weather folder included in the zip to sdcard/ultimatecustomeclockwidget/weather folder. The font should be in sdcard/fonts folder. The images can be imported on the UCCW skin editor.
      I always import the skins this way, but you can also add a new widget to a screen, and import the skins then.
      For these skins, the clock is a 2×1 widget, the message center a 4×2, and the weather a 2×2. You can play with the sizes and adjust them once the widget is on the screen, so you can get the exact size and position you want.

      Let me know if you need anything else!!!! 😀

    • Check out the latest set of uccw skins I posted. It is a really large post because of all the images, but I explain there how to use hot spots . They are shortcuts to open apps using your uccw skin,so,you can add a hot spot to a notification skin and link it to your sms app, or Gmail, or dialer, and when you click the area where you placed the hot spot on your uccw skin, the appointed app will open 😀

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