Zelendel’s Gotham UCCW skins

I made a weather set for each color and 6 widgets. Each zip contains the font, the weather icons, and the 6 widgets.

Extract the zip, move the font to your sdcard/fonts folder, and move the weather folder to your sdcard/ultimatecustomeclockwidget/weather folder. Then open UCCW and import the skins 😀

Download Zelendel’s Gotham UCCW zip from:



Google Drive

Download Zelendel’s Gotham Pink UCCW zip from:



Google Drive

Clock home and weather skins:

Screenshot_2012-12-09-16-44-40                Screenshot_2012-12-09-21-39-56

Clock Home and weather skins with a background that you can manipulate as you wish. The previous one uses the batman logo as the background:

Screenshot_2012-12-09-16-52-05                Screenshot_2012-12-09-21-45-44

Lockscreen clock with full info:

Screenshot_2012-12-09-21-09-21              Screenshot_2012-12-09-21-50-18

Clock with full info:

Screenshot_2012-12-09-16-58-53             Screenshot_2012-12-09-21-55-33


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