Subdued Super Status Bar backgrounds

I am using my Starry Love theme, and changed on the SSB settings the general background, the bottom background, the panel background, and the pop-up notifications background. 

I am a huge fan of FireZenk’s new transparent general background, but sometimes, I have to have a contrasting background 😛

Here are some options for you to mix and match 😀

General and Bottom Backgrounds

AuburnBrown       AuburnBrownDots

Brown       BrownCircles

DarkRose       DarkRoseStriped

PetalBrown       PetalBrownCircles

PetalGreen       RosePetal



Panel Backgrounds

AuburnBrownDottedPanel           GreenDotted


Pop-up Notifications Backgrounds





Subdued Wallpapers

Here is my take on “subdued” wallies 😛

480 x800

Bow480x800           GreenTree480x800

Reindeer480x800           RudolphBlueWallie480x800

480 x 900

Bow480x900           GreenTree480x900

RudolphBlueWallie480x900           Reindeer480x900

1280 x 1440

Bow1280x1440           GreenTree1280x1440

Reindeer1280x1440           RudolphBlueWallie1280x1440

New Wallies and SSB backgrounds

Hello my dears!!! 😀

I hope you all had a very very merry Christmas!!!!

I made a couple of wallpapers in more subdued tones 😛

I also made matching SSB backgrounds 😀

Here are my screenies so you can see what everything looks like on the phone.

There will be 2 posts, one for the wallpapers and one for the SSB backgrounds.

Enjoy and Happy Boxing Day!!!!!! 😀

Screenshot_2012-12-26-02-39-12           Screenshot_2012-12-26-02-39-34           Screenshot_2012-12-26-02-40-17