Merry PinkMas SSB theme

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! Which is why I wanted to make my phone a little more festive, while still keeping my favorite color scheme … PINK! 😛

Jules posted in her blog a wallpaper that I love! I used it as inspiration for this theme, as well as one of Lucy’s amazing SSB backgrounds 😀

There is another amazing themer in the BB world who made the gorgeous battery I used, Babyberry Girl. Thanks!!!! 😀

Download from:



Google Drive

The snow globe is the notifications, the snowflakes the signal bars, the tree with the presents is the wifi, and the cofee mug the battery.

My favorite part of the theme is the toggles 😛

Here are a couple of panel backgrounds, the pop up notifications background, and an alternate status bar background.




I’ve had problems setting the theme’s carrier image, after using an image from my sdcard or text, so, just in case, here is the carrier image I used 😀

Here are some screenshots so you can see the theme with the amazing wallpaper 😀



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