Icons project

I am currently obsessed with making icons 😛

I started making one set, and now I am working on 3 different sets 😛

Below you’ll find one icon from each pack so you can get an idea of what I am working on. I am also posting this so you can tell me if you want specific icons included in each pack.

Hope you like them!!!! 😀



7 thoughts on “Icons project

  1. Hi there. I was wondering how I’d go about getting the colorful icon set… if you are finished with it. It looks like it is a very cool set. Is there a link or is it for sale? I’d love to know. Thanks so much. And thanks for all you do. You create so many nifty things 🙂

    • Hi!!
      I’m still working on it :-/
      I will focus on finishing them 😀
      Are there any specific icons you’s like? I actually want to also make a Go Launcher theme for them 😀
      I don’t charge for my themes. Everything I make will be posted here and will be free 😀
      Donations are appreciated though 😀

  2. I can’t wait for the set.. They’re such fun icons. And thanks so much for not charging. I know there are a lot of themes out there where people charge and some of them are a joke. So it’s nice that some people are just willing to give. Not enough people do that.. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi!!
      The text ones and the pink ones are done 😀 They are called Starry Love and Sweetie pie 😀 I am still working on the paper boat 😛
      And, you’re welcome!! 😀 I know how $1 or $2 can actually be a lot of money at times, and how a simple thing like a theme or icons brighten your day during tough times 😀 I rather let people donate whenever they can, and enjoy a little color every once in a while 😀

      • That is very sweet of you. I know for me its true. Just surrounding myself with bright happy things make me smile. ツ
        Hugs ♥

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