I had heard before about BeWeather. Everyone kept saying what an amazing weather app it was, and how happy they were that it was now available for android phones. 

I only saw it as a bunch of blackberry ex-fans wanting to hang to their old apps, until I saw it was THEMABLE!!!!

Yes, I know, I am awfully shallow when it comes to apps! 😛

Thanks to the beautiful themes BarbieW makes, I decided to check it out.

I am IN LOVE with this weather app!!!!! Ok yes, at first I was in it just for the themes, but it really is the best weather app ever!!! It uses gorgeous video background according to the weather conditions, and it supports multiple locations! 

There is a FREE version and a PAID version in the play store. The paid version is on sale right now for $1.99, and I highly recommend it!!!

There is also a good chance that your phone supports carrier billing, so you can pay for it next month when your cellphone bill comes 😉

Of course, I will be making themes for it as well 😀 You can thank BarbieW for that 😉


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