UCCW themes

I want to share with you a couple of skins I made for UCCW.

Hope you like them!!! 😀

I wanted a bright and big widget for my WidgetLocker lock-screen, which is what inspired me to create the Cyan-Pink all in one widget 😛

I added a Missed call, text, and gmail widget, using  xiangqianch.. Rose theme icons. I am also using xiangqianch.. Rose WidgetLocker theme (the small heart in the middle of the screen).


Download the CyanPink UCCW widget from: 



Google Drive 

Download the Missed call Rose UCCW widget from: 



Google Drive

Download my colorful date and battery widget from: 



Google Drive


I got my LockScreen wallpaper from Luv My Evo, a really good blog full of goodies 😀


7 thoughts on “UCCW themes

  1. When I try to us the UCCW skins, they all say skin deleted. I placed them in UltimateCustomClockWidget folder. Should they be in the uccwoutput folder instead?

    • Hi!
      Yes, they have to be in the uccwoutput folder in your SD card.
      I exported them making them ready for the market, but let me know if you keep having problems, and I’ll try exporting them another way 😀

      • It still didn’t work for me? Are they in the Market? I can get them from there if they are. BTW, you were very helpful over at xda when I was running Mosaic, I really appreciate that too..

      • I am soooo sorry!!! I know what i did wrong!!!
        Since I exported the skin for the play store, it was all ready for me to put it in an apk file, which is why it wasn’t working for you.
        I exported the skins again, and now they are in a .uzip file. I updated the download links, so download the, again and put the in the uccwoutput folder in your sdcard, and they should work 😀
        You might need to do some size and position modifications based on your font and your widget size (I use funky girly fonts 😛 ) 😀
        So glad to have someone from mosaic here!!!! and i am really happy I was able to help you back then!!! 😀

  2. Thanks alot for the response! I always loved your themes and they were always my favorite color PINK! I am going to try it now.. I will let you know if it works =)

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